Expert Carpet Cleaning Requires an Expert

Brent Versendaal’s expertise in professional cleaning comes naturally. He grew up in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business founded in 1972 by his father, Gerrit Versendaal.

After graduating college and working elsewhere, Versendaal purchased All Seasons Carpet Cleaning when his dad retired in 1997. He has since expanded services to include carpet repair, tile and grout cleaning, whole structure odor removal (such as post-fire or water damage) and expert area rug cleaning using off-site specialty equipment.

The business has grown to employ 10 people.

All Season uses hot water and powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment.

“This is important because it leaves carpets as dry as possible,” Brent explains. “The longer they stay wet, the more problems can happen.”

He uses high-end cleaning agents that are Earth-friendly and gentle on our health. But it’s the quality of his well-trained staff that matters most, he says.

“The equipment wasn’t as good back in my dad’s day as we have now, so I had to learn to do it right even under more difficult conditions,” he says. “Equipment is important but the person running the equipment is even more important. I feel that right now we have the best crew we’ve ever had. We’ve been blessed with a lot of good technicians.”

New employees are trained for two weeks and don’t go on a call without a mentor for their first three months.

Ongoing one- and two-day training sessions are scheduled regularly.

How often does carpet need to be cleaned?

It depends on the household.

“A retired couple with no pets might get away with cleaning the carpet once every 24 months,” he says. “But a household like mine, with four kids, two dogs and a cat, needs it every three months.”

Attracting, training and retaining good employees is the key to his business success, says Versendaal.

“We’re not the cheapest carpet cleaning company but you get what you pay for and I guarantee it will be done right,” he says. “That’s why we’re still in business after nearly 50 years.”

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