Technology Upgrades Can Save You Money

Want to save some money each month? Technology upgrades may be the way to do that, says Charles Zambrano, owner of EZ Satellite and Technologies.

Zambrano has expanded his business and is now working with Nest to bring the conveniences of home automation into his customers’ lives.

“Everyone has a smartphone, but not everyone is using it to the fullest capacity,” he says.

The number of “smart” devices is growing, and so are options for connecting those devices to local area networks. Products like the Google Nest Hub, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are just a few of the most popular options for people who want to monitor and access their homes and businesses remotely or with voice commands.

Many of these devices connect to cameras showing you what’s going on inside and outside your home, and you can talk to people at your door when you’re away. You can also switch lights on and off, change or lock in thermostat settings and lock or unlock doors remotely.

Nest offers all services on one application, which is a one-time purchase for installation, with no additional charge for monitoring.

“We’re just keeping pace with what’s available to customers and helping people to manage their lives better by getting them to use technology that’s available to them,” says Zambrano.

EZ Satellite & Wireless is an authorized Dish Network retailer licensed to offer services from any provider using dish, cable, internet and home security, such as Rise Broadband, Comcast, HughesNet, DirectTV, Digitenna, Protect America, ATT and Nest Products.

Smart devices often plug into these systems for additional functionality.

EZ Satellite & Wireless maintains storefronts in Loves Park and Elgin, but its team also offers in-home consultations and full installation services.

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