Circle of Wellness Forges Ahead with Improvements

When restaurants and bars closed in mid-March and then further restrictions and policies for sheltering in place were mandated, most healthy active people wondered how they would cope.

Leila MacQueen, owner and founder of Circle of Wellness, 3626 E. State St., a chiropractic wellness center that focuses on good nutrition and other services for well-being, says the change in lifestyle was a jolt for everyone.

“It was a shock at first. Like so many others, I was withdrawn, couldn’t sleep, wanted to stress eat, and felt depressed, but then people tried to adapt because we believed our governor did the right thing by taking drastic measures,” she says.

Adapting meant pulling together a plan to make life meaningful for oneself and others while waiting out the crisis.

MacQueen set goals.

Even though her business was closed and there were no deadlines to meet, she decided to use the time creatively to set some deadlines for herself, while improving her business. She installed new computer software, purchased a new core-strengthening machine, added an infusion center for high-grade supplements, opened her rehab center to the public and implemented stricter guidelines for cleanliness and wellness for staff while working.

“As we begin to see the economy reopen, Circle of Wellness is making great efforts to assure patient and staff safety,” she says. “Even if we’re unsure of the future, it’s still a good idea to be productive and plan for an opening date and work toward that goal. Without goals, people can have a hysterical mindset and feel out of control and lost.”

MacQueen expects life to return to a new normal, gradually. Just as it was difficult to face the abrupt restrictions, it will take people some time to feel safe venturing out, being with others, and getting back to old routines.

“We all move too fast anyway, and sheltering in place was a good time to slow down, think about how to make good use of the time, plan for the future, and realize what’s really important in life,” she says.

“I believe we will come out of it if we all do what we are supposed to do. We can move forward together as a community with a goal in mind.” ❚