On Trend: Enjoy Outdoor Spaces More

Trends in home renovation include bringing the indoors outside by making lawns into more livable spaces.

Benson Stone Co. General Manger Kevin Obee invites people to bring their landscaping dreams to the store at 1100 11th St. for guidance from expert staff, whether they envision a do-it-yourself approach or need to hire landscaping contractors for bigger jobs.

“It’s all about appealing to the senses through what looks, sounds and feels good, making yards more functional and aesthetically pleasing,” Obee says.

Benson’s has a huge selection of flagstones, cut stone and limestone, paving bricks, outcropping and retainer walls, boulders, gravel and pebbles of all sizes, mulch and woodchips, fire pits, outdoor kitchen appliances, BBQ grills, smokers and pizza ovens, patio and deck materials, ponds, fountains and water features, landscape lighting and more, all sold with a low-price guarantee.

Many new products have been introduced or improved in recent years.

Pavers, a popular choice for patios, now come in a variety of materials, sizes, styles, colors and textures, and are one of the most versatile of all landscaping materials. They reduce lawn care and are used for paths, outdoor flooring, or just to define an area and create visual interest.

“In recent years, better quality pavers are being made with a top mix to give them more durability and to provide richer color to spaces,” Obee says.

Based on sales, outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity. They may incorporate grills, smokers, pizza ovens, refrigerators, sinks, patio furniture, fountains and other water features, landscape lighting and more.

Deck boards are now made of materials that don’t require staining, will hold up longer and will prohibit the growth of mold or mildew.

Obee encourages people to start envisioning how much more useful and pleasing the outdoors can be.

“We have everything in one place and can do anything and everything.” ❚