Cozy Carpet Still a Favorite in Bedrooms

More people are using stylish hardwood and luxury vinyl tile in their living rooms these days, says Kevin Rose, owner of Carpetland USA, 326 N. Alpine Road, Rockford. But soft and cozy carpet isn’t leaving bedrooms any time soon.

“In the Midwest, we still have our frigid winters and the warmth and comfort of carpet as you step out of the bed in the morning is preferred,” Rose says. Carpet also keeps the bedroom quieter.

Plush pile and berber carpet styles are popular and are made from many kinds of fiber. People who are more cautious when they walk may prefer short-looped berber for its firmness; others prefer the luxurious density of pile carpet.

For homes with kids and pets, Rose recommends flooring that withstands moisture, such as spill-resistant hardwood and laminate.

You don’t have to shy away from carpet if you have pets and kids, however. Many newer carpets have pet-proof backings that don’t allow urine to soak into padding and subfloors. Some carpet is made from non-absorbent yarn, so spills can be easily cleaned without leaving stains.

No matter what type of flooring you purchase, Rose recommends doing your homework first.

“A common mistake that people make is purchasing a product solely on price and assuming it has a level of quality that will sustain your living space,” Rose says. “You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. Our staff will explain the pros and cons that suit your family and your home, not what suits everyone else walking through the front door.”

When shopping for flooring, describe your space to the salesperson helping you. What kind of traffic and moisture conditions will the flooring need to withstand? What styles appeal to you visually? What expectations do you have for the longevity of this flooring?

“Make sure your salesperson understands what you want and make sure they’re listening to your needs,” he says.

A trained salesperson who thoroughly understands the flooring industry can provide a great deal of assistance as you winnow down the options that satisfy your criteria. ❚