How to Prevent Indoor Water Damage

Water damage can be incredibly destructive to your home. A few preventative steps can help you to avoid unwelcome surprises, damage, and expense.

“People going away on vacation, whether for days or months, should turn off the water to their whole house,” says Chris Picot, vice president of Flood Pros, 11137 Bertram Road in Rockford. “People don’t always think to do that, but it only takes a couple hours to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage because of water.”

Frozen pipes, worn-out appliances, and leaks or breaks in water lines, roofs and windows can all lead to water damage.

Picot also suggests having a plumber change out water supply lines from plastic ones to rubber hoses encased in braided stainless steel, which prevents flexing. Plastic ice maker water lines can be changed to copper. Copper water lines leading to the outside in unheated areas of the home should be shut off in the winter. Water lines in exterior walls should be well insulated.

Flood Pros has been in business since 1992 and works around the clock to respond to water problems quickly. A water damage specialist explains to customers the process of water damage restoration and helps with processing an insurance claim, if needed.

The company has state-of-the-art equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to determine the source of water damage. It also uses high-powered dehumidifiers and large air movers to reduce drying time to three days or less, in most cases. By recording data on each damaged area, Flood Pros can determine what progress is being made. Totally drying an area eliminates mold or other pathogenic growths from developing.

For more information, visit or call the Rockford office at (815) 398-2379. The Janesville location is at 2811 Milton Ave. and its phone number is (608) 756-9300. ❚