How to Double the Life of Your Driveway

Larry Lazzerini opened Premier Pavement Solutions, 5059 Contractors Drive, in Loves Park, 15 years ago. The full-service asphalt company specializes in sealcoating, infrared repairs, striping and other markings, asphalt maintenance, crack filling, pothole repair and repair of collapsed drains. The company also does snowplowing/salting in winter.

When it comes to sealcoating, ingredients matter, says Lazzerini. A specially formulated Seal Master Brand sealcoat is made exclusively for his company by a manufacturer in Streamwood, Ill., and comes with a letter of authenticity. Latex and sand are added to the product to make it more flexible and durable.

Sealcoating improves the appearance of a driveway and protects it from the damaging effects of sun, water, salt and chemical spills like oil and gasoline from cars. The non-porous coating makes cleaning easier and provides a smooth surface for rain to wash away dirt and debris.

Regular maintenance can double the life of a new driveway, Lazzerini says, and sealcoating should be done between May and November.

What sets him apart from the competition is customer service, or the “Premier Difference,” says Lazzerini. He personally visits each home or other work site before and after a job is completed. Repeat customers have priority on the schedule and get discounted pricing.

Being proactive about caring for your pavement can save you money in the long run, says Lazzerini. Watch for discoloration, the top of the driveway pulling away from the garage, deep cracks and holes where water can seep in, loose rock and broken edges.

And beware of scam artists who offer this line of work. What sounds like a great deal may be just the opposite, if you’re not careful.

“You don’t know where they’re from, if they will be around, what’s in their product and how watered down it is,” he says. ❚