Trick or Treat? Beware Sealcoat Scammers

It’s that scary time of year when scam artists prey upon homeowners and trick many of them into making unneeded repairs. They may also do shoddy work at a price that costs more in the long run than dealing with a legitimate company.

“A lot of people are going door-to-door with flyers, telling people what they need and offering cheap prices, but what they don’t tell you is about their cheap, watered-down product, bad workmanship and lack of guarantees,” says Larry Lazzerini, owner of Premier Pavement Solutions, 5059 Contractors Drive in Loves Park. “And if you have any questions or problems, they’re gone.”

In business for more than 35 years, Premier Pavement Solutions is a full-service asphalt company that specializes in seal coating, infrared repairs, striping and markings, asphalt maintenance, crack filling, concrete and pavement contracting, pothole repair, collapsed drains, snowplowing and salting.

The “Premier difference,” says Lazzerini, is him going to each home, before and after a job is completed, to make sure a customer is getting what they need and that the job is done right. A specially formulated Seal Master Brand sealcoat is made exclusively for the local company at the manufacturer in Streamwood, Ill., and comes with a letter of authenticity. Latex and sand are added to the product to make it stronger, more flexible, more durable, and to give it a slip-resistant texture.

“Not all sealer is the same,” says Lazzerini. “Most basic sealers don’t have the additives necessary for the best protection. And some people will even take good sealer and water it down to make it go farther,” he says.

A good sealer applied to a new asphalt driveway every other year can double the life of the driveway and make it last for more than 20 years, he says.

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