Non-Invasive Pain Relief Treatment Introduced

Circle of Wellness is always looking for the newest advances in technology to help people control their pain, while avoiding surgery and medications, says Leila MacQueen, founder of the business located at 3626 E State St., Rockford.

In recent months, she’s added equipment, products and services to help people pursue pain control and overall better living.

The Stem Cell Machine, a non-invasive way to treat painful musculoskeletal problems, degenerative conditions and chronic pain, is one of the newest items at Circle of Wellness.

“This machine is FDA-approved and we’re the only ones who have it,” says MacQueen. “The non-surgical treatment can help eliminate pain, restore mobility, and significantly improve a person’s quality of life, when used with other medicine and treatments,” she says.

High-energy soundwaves are applied to an injured or painful area to encourage healing by enhancing blood circulation and repairing damaged tissue at the cellular level. Beneficial effects are often experienced in one or two treatments, she says. People with plantar fasciitis, muscle pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder injuries, tendonitis and arthritic joints are helped by this treatment, she says.

The clinic also has Cynosure Laser Treatment for the removal of hair and spider veins, and to treat scars, brown spots and sun-damaged skin.

This machine does hair removal on all skin types of skin, she says. Spider veins and old veins causing discoloration can also be removed.

The machine also helps to smooth out top layers of skin damaged by sun and treats facial lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin color due to aging.

In addition, MacQueen has added a full line of chemical-free and metal-free organic products for skin and hair that include essential oils in their ingredients. ER Body Care is in the process of developing a full skincare line, including a face cleanser, toner, moisturizer and products for acne and anti-aging, which she will also carry when available.

“I started using these products myself. I’ve tried a lot of brands and I like these the best because you don’t need a large amount to get a big result. And they smell good because they contain essential oils.” ❚