A Passion for Design

Interior Designer Ginger Lamm, a designer at Macktown Construction Group in Machesney Park, has a passion for interior design.

“I’ve always wanted to design spaces that not only look good, but also function better for those using them,” she says.

As a little girl, she rearranged furniture in her bedroom. When playing with Barbie dolls, she was more concerned about designing their homes than changing their outfits.

From Waukesha, Wis., she was working as a bookkeeper when home improvement TV shows sparked her passion for design, so she pursued a degree in interior design. After graduating in 2009, the bad economy proved to be a difficult time to make her dream a reality. She returned to school to study marketing and management.

While completing her second degree, she moved to Roscoe, Ill., where she gained marketing experience. She then worked eight years for a remodeling company in Janesville, using her design skills. Now, at Macktown Construction, she enjoys being part of a larger team and doing what she loves best.

“I love navigating homeowners through the design process, discussing how they use their space, educating them, and making choices to best suit their needs while creating a design that gives them a space they love,” she says.

Macktown Construction Group’s remodeling philosophy is to give customers step-by-step guidance in the design, budgeting, and building process, says Lamm. Its unique process allows homeowners to know exactly what to expect on their projects so that surprises are minimized. It also provides an accurate and transparent fixed pricing proposal free of allowances.

Macktown specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, additions, custom garages, outdoor living spaces and more. It’s located at 9957 N. Alpine Road, Suite 101. Request an appointment or learn more at macktownconstruction.com. ❚