Can You Live Without an Electric Bill?

The time is right for people who want to switch to solar power, especially if they don’t want to shoulder the entire cost of transitioning to cleaner energy.

EZ Satellite and Wireless owner and General Manager Charles Zambrano has partnered with Aeos Energy in Franklin Park, Ill., to form another branch of his business called EZ Solar Energy. It aims to provide savings to homeowners through no down payment, fixed-rate financing, discounts and rebates to homeowners.

“Our goal is to get everyone as close as possible to getting their energy 100 percent from the sun, so they don’t have to have an electric bill,” Zambrano says.

EZ Solar will help people every step of the way with permits, applications and obtaining a loan, for those who qualify. The product is maintenance-free, has a 25-year warranty and takes only one day to install. Paperwork takes several weeks to process.

Everyone can reduce or eliminate their electric bill with solar power, he says. A lot of factors figure into the equation such as the direction the home faces, the roof style, square footage and how power is used. If a home can only handle so many panels, there will still be a savings. Those who qualify can immediately reduce their electric bill and, at best, eventually have no bill, he says.

Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC) allow homeowners to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system. The deadlines for the tax incentives have been extended many times and currently expire in 2022. State laws require utilities to produce a specific percentage of electricity from renewable sources. Right now, for a limited time, the state is offering a rebate for homeowners who have installed solar panels, rewarding them for helping the state meet its goals of producing 25 percent of its electricity through renewable sources by 2025.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Zambrano at EZ Solar at (815) 200-9075. ❚