How to Reduce Your Tech and Energy Bills

Making the most of our money is always smart, but it’s especially important now that inflation has risen worldwide due to the pandemic.

One painless way many consumers are tightening their belts is by changing the way they access tech services, including entertainment.

“Some people are paying separate monthly bills for subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu when they could be consolidating to a dish satellite and Internet service that offers more than 10,000 titles of movies and TV shows on demand,” says Charles Zambrano, owner and general manager of EZ Satellite & Wireless and EZ Solar, 6239 N. Second St. in Loves Park.

“Each streaming subscription charges separate fees and taxes. When people consolidate their costs with a satellite service, they save at least 40% on their entertainment bills and, in many cases, a lot more than that. I’ve helped people who were paying more than $300 per month reduce their costs by half.”

Zambrano helps his customers understand exactly what they’re paying for with tech services including cell phone, Internet and home security. He’s licensed to offer services from any TV provider, including DirectTV, Dish Network, ATT, Comcast and Rise Broadband. He can also install an antenna for a one-time cost starting at $350 that allows customers to receive up to 40 channels free.

“A lot of people aren’t happy with their tech services but aren’t sure how to reduce costs without losing features they like,” he says. “Sometimes they don’t understand the services or don’t have time to research them, but I can help them.”

Another way Zambrano helps customers to save money is by installing solar panels on their homes.

“Right now, some of my customers are earning back up to half of the cost of solar installation by using energy-efficiency tax credits offered by the state and federal governments,” says Zambrano. “Anyone interested should ask me about these as soon as possible, while the credits are still being offered. Not everyone qualifies, but I can help you figure out whether you do.”

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