Just How Dirty are Your Air Ducts?

Most people would be surprised to see how much dirt builds up inside the air ducts of their homes, but not James Wells. As owner of Air Quality Management, which specializes solely in duct cleaning, he knows the dirt on ducts.

“The main reason people have their ducts cleaned is to reduce allergens and dust in the home,” says Wells. “The furnace or air conditioner sucks air in through its lines, heats or cools it and distributes it back into the rooms. It’s the return ducts that are dirtiest. The pet dander and other debris build up and some of it gets redistributed throughout the home.”

Air Quality Management uses a 20-horsepower vacuum to pull debris outside the home as it cleans.

“It’s powerful enough to pick up a 16-pound bowling ball,” says Wells. “That’s important because it means the dirt is not going back into the home as we disturb it.”

Wells recommends cleaning ducts every five to seven years, depending on your allergy sensitivity and how many pets and people live in the home making dander and dirt.

“Sometimes owners of a newly constructed home will hire us to clean the drywall dust and other debris from a home before they move in, too,” he adds.

The cost of cleaning ducts in a typical ranch home is about $350 and requires 2 or 3 hours. A larger two-story home is $450 to $550 and takes 3 or 4 hours.

Air Quality Management also professionally cleans dryer vents.

“This is important because a plugged dryer vent is a fire hazard,” says Wells. “Also, when a dryer hose is plugged, clothing takes a lot longer to dry and energy costs increase.”

Air Quality Management cleans ducts in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

To get an estimate on cleaning your ducts, call Wells at (815) 962-9007. ❚