Protect Your Landscape by Irrigating

A beautiful home landscape takes time and money to achieve. But weather is unpredictable. Those new bedding plants that thrive so well today may shrivel under hot sun a month from now.

That’s why many homeowners are installing lawn irrigation systems they can count on to keep lawns and gardens healthy, no matter what the weather does.

“It’s an investment in your property that you might not think much about until drought strikes,” says Jeff Page, co-owner of RainMaster Irrigation, located in Loves Park. “But when it doesn’t rain, you’re awfully glad you have it.”

Page designs, installs and maintains irrigation systems with his business partner, Kim Schuler. The pair purchased RainMaster Irrigation in 2019 from former owner Jim Johnson, who retired after running the business for three decades.

“We’re still servicing irrigation systems installed 30 years ago,” notes Page. “When they’re regularly used and maintained, they hold up well over time.”

Regular maintenance involves a visit in the fall to remove water from pipes before a hard freeze, and a visit in spring to reopen the system and fix problems like broken sprinkler heads or rodent damage.

“Like most everything else these days, you can buy a system that’s as simple or as ‘smart’ as you need it to be,” says Page. Some people use a phone app to remotely control their wireless system.

A system controller with timer is often located in a garage and plugs into a regular electrical outlet with no special wiring required.

So, what does it cost?

“Installation of an irrigation system for a typical yard that’s a quarter- to half-acre in size runs from $4,500 to $9,000 depending on specific needs,” says Page. Flower beds have different needs than lawns and should be designed to run separate cycles, he says.

Will the installation process cause a big mess in the yard?

“No,” says Page. “We basically make very narrow slits to install the pipes and wires. It’s not obtrusive. Within 10 to 14 days, you won’t know we were there.”

RainMaster Irrigation serves homes and businesses within a 50-mile radius.

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