Custom Options Matter in Kitchen Design

Macktown Construction has been busy with whole-home remodels recently.

“The housing market is crazy right now – there aren’t enough houses to buy,” says Tony Bonnet, who owns the design-build-remodel company in Machesney Park with wife Cassie.

“After having people work from home the past two years, a lot of companies are deciding that’s what they’re going to continue to do, so we have a lot of people wanting to remodel their basement as a home office,” says Cassie.

The business began searching for a new cabinet supplier when orders were taking too long to arrive. They discovered Custom Wood Products (CWP) of St. Marys, Kan., a fully customizable line.

Many cabinet lines are restricted in size, with most standard heights and widths only changeable by 3-inch increments. That typically means filler pieces are used, creating wasted space in rooms where space is precious.

CWP can customize cabinetry down to 1/8th of an inch. It also joins multiple cabinets into one large box, which increases storage space and eases installation.

“For the most part, it’s reducing our field staff’s time by 60 percent because there aren’t so many individual box cabinets,” Cassie says.

Ginger Lamm, an interior designer for Macktown, enjoys the flexibility CWP gives her to design exactly what her clients want – such as a customized pantry with a bottom cabinet filled with vertical cookie sheet dividers, roll-out trays and upper adjustable shelves.

“I drafted a custom wine bar that’ll be constructed as one piece, so it looks like furniture,” she says. “This will set it apart from the other cabinets. I was able to add embellishments on it and decorative features. This cabinetry line has pretty much infinite possibilities, and I really love the door styles and variety of color choices.”

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