How to Flair Up Your Home Furnishings

Everyone’s home is their castle, but even the most majestic palaces need an update from time to time. Whether you’re looking for something different or just a few comfortable upgrades, popping into your local furniture store and speaking with a knowledgeable salesperson is always a good way to get started.

At Gustafson’s Furniture and Mattress, 6641 E. State St., in Rockford, the possibilities stretch as far as the eye can see. A locally owned fixture for almost a century, the store has a vast showroom that displays multiple living room, dining room and bedroom options for shoppers looking to spruce up their spaces.

Anyone who wants to completely overhaul their living room can do so quickly and easily, but sometimes it’s the little things that create the most impactful changes. Kris Anastase, a salesperson and floor designer with Gustafson’s, recommends using color to create change.

“Sometimes all you need is a pop of color,” she says. “That’s a great starting point if you’re feeling like your room is a little drab and you’d like to freshen it up.”

For those who are looking for a new seating arrangement, sectionals are always a worthwhile consideration. Not only do they provide a lot of seating but they also add versatility.

If a sectional is too much, a soft, comfy chair might be the answer. There are several easy chairs to choose from at Gustafson’s, including lift chairs, which give people an electronic boost when standing.

A conversation with a salesperson like Anastase, coupled with a view of the many options available in a furniture store’s showroom, can be just what a customer needs to pin down their dream room. “I really try to ask the questions that are going to help the customer zero in on what they’re looking for,” she says. “They don’t always realize just how many options are available to them.”

For some customers, an approaching salesperson might induce fear of a hard sales approach. Anastase does her best to dispel that notion with everyone she meets.

“We’re here to help,” she says.