These Flowers Can Beautify Your Yard

Springtime means flowers at family-owned Gensler Gardens, offering a large selection of hanging baskets, premium annuals, flats, perennials, vegetable plants, patio containers, shrubs, patio trees and more. Thousands of varieties are grown in the 95,000-square-foot greenhouse in Davis Junction, and sold at 102 Orth Road, Loves Park.

“We are known for the number of varieties we produce,’” says owner Scott Gensler. “We grow all annuals and perennials ourselves, and we use a slow-release fertilizer in 95 percent of our plants and flowers that will last all summer long.”

Gensler is always on the lookout for new varieties of flowers and plants of abundant color, varying habitats and disease-resistant genes. This year, he has brought in dozens of new varieties of flowering and non-flowing plants.

Among the new items are two-toned New Guinea Impatiens in many colors that want heat and sun. The sun variety has been available for a few years in an array of colors, but it’s the first season for the two-toned flower.

Lantana, which is a popular choice for outdoor hanging baskets or as ground cover, is known for its rounded clusters of small, brightly colored flowers in shades of yellow, orange, white, red, pink, blue and purple, oftentimes mixed within the same cluster. The newer Shamrock Lantana is more uniform in color and branches out wider and higher for different pot sizes and hanging baskets.

Although Gensler starts planning and planting many months in advance for the following spring, he cautions consumers to keep an eye on the weather before heading outdoors to plant.

“By early May, we will have a good idea of when the ideal time to plant will be,” he says. “Meanwhile, container plants can always get their start indoors at any time and hanging baskets can be brought inside at night until the weather warms up.”

Most plants, especially Impatiens, Begonias, and tropical plants need temperatures above 40 degrees both night and day. To keep those flowering hanging baskets and plants at their optimum beauty, it’s important to water them daily. On hot and windy days, watering twice a day is recommended. ❚