An Extra Space to Store Your Belongings

Americans have a lot of stuff.

That’s the conclusion of Owen Costanza, owner of Lyford Storage and Flanders Insurance Company, both headquartered at 1947 N. Lyford Road, Rockford. In the insurance business for about 30 years, he founded Lyford Storage in 2016 and recently added four more storage buildings. As those fill up, he plans to build more.

“I’m really surprised at what people store,” he says. “But as the saying goes, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.”

As the land around him developed, Costanza had a marketing and research study done and found the area is 90% underserved when it comes to storage units. Some of the most common reasons people rent a storage unit include decluttering and making space at home, and storing possessions such as seasonal items, boats, jet skis, vintage cars, snowmobiles, furniture, lawn equipment, exercise equipment and business equipment.

Meanwhile, more and more people are starting up small businesses and getting involved in ecommerce and need a safe place to store equipment and supplies. Tradespeople will use a storage unit for a safe place to park a trailer full of tools and other expensive equipment, Costanza says.

“Some people will spend hours at their units, using it as a workshop or an off-site office, where employees meet to get assignments and supplies before heading out for a day’s work,” he adds.

The storage units are not temperature controlled and have security cameras on every building. In the next phase of development, Costanza plans to add more buildings, gate the property, and grant individuals an access code to get into their paid units at any time day or night.

Lyford Storage is also an independent dealer for U-Haul, operating as a drop-off and pick-up site for U-Haul trailers, vans, car haulers and U-boxes. U-Haul manages the website, where people can book rental units and reserve U-Haul equipment for their moving needs. However, each business operates independently.

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