Improve Your Lawn with Beautiful Plants

When it comes to locating high-quality trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers, J. Carlson Growers, 8938 Newburg Road in Rockford, has been a trusted source for more than 40 years.

“Upon visiting our nursery for the first time, it is evident that this is a special place,” says owner Jon Carlson.

He sees his role as helping people make the right choices when landscaping their yards. It’s important to identify the right location for a tree or shrub, and that means careful attention to whether it needs a dry, shady, wet or sunny spot. His team is trained to ask the right questions and guide shoppers through the selection process.

“We are not landscape architects, but we can give good landscaping advice. And although we sell plants and many unusual varieties, we are all about service,” Carlson says. “Unique and unusual plants can work out well in the Midwest, if in the right surroundings and in the right conditions.”

J. Carlson Growers specializes in shade and ornamental trees, shrubs, ornamental and dwarf conifers, broadleaf evergreens, flowering shrubs, groundcover, perennials and vines, and native plants.

“We pride ourselves in providing gorgeous Japanese maples, colorful rhododendrons and azaleas, as well as hardy ornamental and garden conifers,” Carlson says. “Our staff is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and helping you choose the perfect plants for your landscape.”

To ensure customers receive plants in their best condition, Carlson offers delivery to a home or business for a nominal fee. Mulch and compost can also be delivered in bulk.

Once that tree, shrub or perennial is in the ground, a few smart maintenance tasks will keep it healthy for years to come. In the springtime, clean up debris from the lawn and landscaping, including leaves missed from the fall and sticks that have fallen during the winter, Carlson says.

It’s also a good idea to prune bushes and shrubs before the active growing season, howeverthat does not include flowering shrubs and bushes with buds about to open. If you didn’t get perennials trimmed back in the fall, now is the time to remove old growth.