What Should You Ask a Financial Advisor?

Investing can be challenging, so it may be a good idea to work with a financial advisor — but how can you choose the right one?

You’ll need to ask some questions of any advisor you’re considering.
For starters, ask if a prospective financial advisor has experience working with people who are similar to you in terms of income, assets and family situations.

Next, ask how an advisor will communicate with you. Will they have annual or semi-annual reviews? Can you contact them with questions at any time?

Here’s another question: How does a financial advisor define success? You’ll want to work with someone who views success as the ability to help you meet your important goals, such as a comfortable retirement.

Finally, ask how an advisor is compensated. Different advisors may work on fees, commissions or a combination of both. You should know which method is used, right from the beginning of your relationship.

When you’re trusting someone to help you with your important financial goals, you want to be completely comfortable with that individual — so ask all the questions you want. ❚

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