Do You Have Adequate Insurance Coverage?

When Insurance Agent Danna Krischke isn’t teaching fitness classes at Peak Sports Club, she’s across the street helping people get financially fit.

Having started in the insurance business 15 years ago, she recently started working for State Farm and opened her own office at 6735 Broadcast Parkway on Dec. 1.

“I like getting to know people and helping them have the protection they’re looking for to feel secure,” she says. “To me, it’s not just about selling policies, it’s about customizing a program that works for each person.”

Careful thought should be given to coverage selection before a problem arises, she says.

“One of the big mistakes people make is not having enough coverage and then when an accident happens, thinking there is nothing that can be done to them. But people will fight back and lawyers will garnish wages, tap into your home equity, and come after anything you have,” she says.

Having worked for other insurance companies, she says the move to State Farm is great for her clients.
“State Farm is the No. 1 provider of home and auto insurance policies and they handle claims quickly and fairly,” she says. People are often surprised to learn that State Farm also offers banking products including checking and savings accounts, and other types of insurance for health, short- and long-term disability, small businesses, worker’s compensation, flood, and pets.

Insurance is a complicated business and people are not always aware of what they need and what’s available, she says. And everyone has a different comfort level with the amount of coverage they want and how much deductible they can handle.

“My job is to educate people, so when they walk out the door, they not only know what they’ve bought, they know why they bought a policy and what it means to them. I don’t make decisions for people; they decide what they want.

She has taught fitness classes across the street at Peak for 17 years.

Krischke is licensed to work in Illinois and Wisconsin. ❚