Lower Your Stress by Getting Organized

A lot of things feel pretty out of control in our world right now, but our closets don’t have to be one of them. Better organizing our personal lives can lower our stress levels and reduce frustration.

Joe Weller has seen this firsthand many times since he began installing closet systems 35 years ago. Back then, options were pretty limited.

“When I started in this business in 1985, most everything was shelf and pole construction and closet design wasn’t talked about much. That has changed,” says Weller, the owner of Shelving & Bath Unlimited, 4337 S. Perryville Road, Cherry Valley, Ill.

Today almost 80 percent of Weller’s customers opt for custom laminate closet systems that look like finished wood cabinets. Along with more than 50 melamine colors and textures, there also are options for granite surfaces, glass shelves, motion-activated LED lighting – even LED lights inside the drawers if you like – built-in mirrors, jewelry trays, removable laundry bags, a fold- out ironing board, adjustable cubbies made for shoes, boots and handbags and much more.

“Many people are using fewer or no dressers in their bedrooms and are choosing instead to maximize their closet space,” Weller explains.

While some people go so far as to convert spare bedrooms into luxurious walk-in closets, others double or triple the efficiency of their reach-in closets by having them professionally designed. Either way, design expertise offered by Shelving Unlimited makes it possible to meet organization goals.

“It’s all about good design,” says Weller. “You can have the largest Taj Mahal-type closet in the world, but if it’s not functioning well it can become just one more mess to deal with. Good organization saves you time and prevents frustration.”

Weller also designs storage solutions for the pantry, garage, laundry room, home office and basement.
Along with adjustable-shelf laminate storage, Shelving Unlimited offers wire-shelving systems by Rubbermaid, the No. 1 brand in the industry. Learn more at shelvingunlimited4u.com. ❚