2021 Furniture Trends: Comfort, Quality

Comfort is the buzzword in home furnishing trends today, especially after people spent so much time at home during the pandemic, says Donna Fiduccia, design consultant at Benson Stone Co.

“Comfort is more important than ever and people want quality, too,” she says. “People also want functional furniture for multi-tasking because they’re schooling children at home and working from home. Simplicity in lines, neutral colors, bright accent colors, natural materials and functionality are everything people want in a home today.”

Home décor trends are leaning away from “picture perfect” as people opt for a warmer, more personal, cozy abode filled with pieces that have meaning to them. They want the pieces to peacefully co-exist but not necessarily match one another.

Décor in 2021 is all about comforting neutral tones with occasional bright splashes of color. Greys are still popular, but so are neutrals like off-white and cream.

“Colors you would have been terrified to use with a big family years ago can comfortably be used today because of stain-resistant fabrics like Crypton and Kashmira,” she says.

Jewel tones like burgundy, hunter green, and navy blue are making a comeback. Yellows, reds, and all shades of blue and green can be found in pillows and other accent pieces to give that “pop” of color we want when decorating with neutrals, she says.

It pays off to look beyond the surface when buying furniture. Two pieces that look alike may be very different in quality. For example, real wood furniture can always be sanded and refinished to repair it, but that’s not true of particle board, laminate, composite materials or plywood. A thin finish won’t hold up to use and abuse.

A dresser made with dovetail or doweled joints is far superior to one held together with staples, glue or Velcro. Drawers should have stops and be smooth gliding. Soft closes are an added benefit.

Fabric coverings are another important consideration. Not all “leather” sofas are genuine leather, so check material descriptions carefully. ❚