Save Money by Cleaning Your Furnace Now

Extreme wintertime temperatures force furnaces to work overtime, putting extra wear and tear on parts. That’s why it’s a good idea to give your heating and cooling system an annual maintenance check-up and cleaning, preferably every spring or fall when temperatures are not too hot or cold.

Mark Buckner, owner and president of Rockford Heating and Air Conditioning, knows firsthand the importance of preventative maintenance.

“People don’t realize how important it is to keep a furnace clean,” he says. “It can cost a lot of money to fix components that have worn out because a furnace wasn’t properly maintained.”

Many warranties require regular maintenance of a heating system. An annual cleaning and check-up also ensures it will work at the most efficient levels. A properly working furnace will reduce your heating costs and prevent a small problem from becoming an emergency.

The technician will check filters, the ignition system, burners, and the amp draw on the motor, in addition to cleaning the air conditioner condenser. “People who ignore regular maintenance of their furnace are the ones who call us when something breaks, and it always happens in the most extreme conditions because that’s when the furnace is working its hardest. Furnaces never break down at convenient times. So, if you want to avoid paying someone overtime and/or holiday pay to make repairs, think ahead,” Buckner says.

On the average, a furnace cleaning costs about $115. Emergency calls can easily double that price.

Most furnace systems are designed to handle temperatures as low as six below zero.
“When we had the 15 to 20 below zero temperatures, with a minus 40 wind chill, my furnace ran for three days straight and I expect a lot of furnaces were running night and day, too,” Buckner says. ❚