Appliances Make the Kitchen a Masterpiece

Function drives many decisions when it comes to designing your kitchen, and that includes choosing the right appliances.

Modern refrigerators do much more than store and preserve food. Gone are the days of constantly refilling a filtered water pitcher, for example, because some refrigerators now come with a built-in filtered water pitcher.

“You have the convenience of taking a pitcher out, filling up your glass or multiple glasses, and as soon as you put that pitcher back, it’s filling up with fresh, filtered water,” says Andy Guler, vice president of Guler’s Appliance & Mattress, 4435 E. State St. in Rockford.

New models of ovens and microwaves are upping their game, as well.

“Manufacturers are using some of the tools already inside microwaves and ranges, like convection fans, to provide new cooking modes,” says Guler. “Air frying is a big thing right now. These models get you deep-fried results – delicious, crispy food – with a fraction of the fat and oil that you get with deep-frying.”

Microwaves and their newer alternative – steam ovens – are also tucking themselves into new locations, in an attempt to maximize space. These days, you’ll find them resting inside an island, often just below the countertop. With the push of a button, the microwave drawer opens. Similarly, double wall ovens are a good space-saver for the cook who needs to bake things simultaneously at different temperatures.

So-called “smart” appliances with wireless connection are also bringing convenience, as some models integrate with smartphones and smart speakers.

“There are even ovens that have recipes integrated right into them, so they are automatically downloading recipes from the internet as you cook your food,” says Guler. “That takes a lot of the guesswork out. In a lot of cases, you tell the oven what you’re cooking, and it says, ‘OK, here’s the recipe. I’ll take care of the rest.’” ▮